Paint protection film, or PPF, is able to provide the best in both gloss and real-world protection from chips, swirls, scratches, and scuffs. PPF achieves a succulent, wet gloss that cannot be rivaled by any coating on the market. This means that the impeccable finish the vehicles leave us with will last for up to 10 years on the surfaces protected with the film. To ensure this, all of our PPF installations come with a 10-year warranty.

All installations of PPF come with an extensive, sympathetic decontamination wash removing all bonded substances such iron oxide and tar. Old polishes and sealants are removed to allow for optimal bonding of the paint protection film. This leaves your car with an extremely clean, professional finish with little or no contamination beneath the film for that pristine, high gloss finish.

Inferior installations of PPF (Paint protection film) can result in lifting, contamination beneath the film, early tarnishing of the finish and not providing the full protection that your car deserves. Here at JGS Detailing, our total dedication to detail and finish results in a flawless installation of the film, free of contamination. We are an accredited UPPF (Ultra PPF) installation center, offering our clients a choice between complete colour change PPF, to the most innovative instant healing clear film on the market as well as windscreen, sunroof, magic & matte/satin films.

We also offer bespoke PPF services. Please contact us for a free personalized quote.